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RE: Wire Feed Welders

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Subject: RE: Wire Feed Welders
From: "Larry Hoy" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 08:11:29 -0700
You'll find welding heavy steel is a snap.  The thin stuff takes practice and 
talent.  Some suggestions are, use gas shielding (not
flux core wire), use low settings, clean all pieces to bare metal, get real 
comfortable, move steady and precisely.  You may find
that you need to weld only a short distance, stop, let the metal cool and start 

Larry Hoy

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>Subject: Wire Feed Welders
>I borrowed a 110v Lincoln wire feed welder to do a few patches on my car.  The
>machine seemed to be a better cutter than welder.  At minimum feeds and power
>settings it would cut through the sheet metal in less than a second.  I had a
>bare metal ground and the surface being welded was clean.  I attempted to back
>up welds with a wet towel to act as a heat sink.  Is inert gas necessary?
>What am I doing wrong?  What should I use to weld sheet metal to sheet metal?
>Any comments would be appreciated.

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