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RE: Structural Repair of 64 mgb

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Subject: RE: Structural Repair of 64 mgb
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Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 19:32:15 -0800
Try looking at the MGB structural repair at my website below.

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Subject: Structural Repair of 64 mgb

Does anyone know of any good books or magazines(especially one on
introductory welding) that would help me repair/replace the structural
rusted parts of a early pull handle mgb so I can get the car to pass
inspection. Rockers, center crossmember, front sidemembers, etc. are all in
pretty bad shape. Just purchased this rusty but very complete car that has
been outside for 20 years. Thanks, but not looking for advice on whether or
not I should restore it, just basic restoration technique information.
Thanks alot for your help. Phillip Roe 67B, 80B, and newly acquired 64B.
Member of MGCAR  Car Club of Long Island, New York.

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