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Re: Brake Calipers Binding

To: "Phillips, Frank" <>
Subject: Re: Brake Calipers Binding
From: Stuart MacMillan <>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 08:59:16 -0800
You've got a bad caliper, maybe two if the "drag" on the left one is
heavy.  Old, swollen hoses can cause this too, but you said you replaced

There should be just a slight scrape as you spin the wheel by hand. 
Bores and pistons must be perfect, since it is only the stretch of the
rubber seal that pulls the pistons back a few thou after braking.
Corrosion or poor tolerances will hold the pistons against the rotor,
and heat from this rubbing can increase the pressure to the point of
lock up.

 I hope they are under warranty! 
Stuart MacMillan

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