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MGs at Adelaide LeMans Series

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Subject: MGs at Adelaide LeMans Series
From: Eric <>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 00:42:13 +0000
Just a brief bit of MG news from the Adelaide LeMans Series "Race of a
Thousand Years".

Firstly, after a 14 hour day on Friday and a 9 hour day on Saturday and
looking forward (!?) to another 14 hour day on Sunday - with the fll 6
hour LeMans Series race finishing at 10:00pm (Australian Eastern Summer

my feet and back and legs and ears and eyes hurt.

Now for the MG news...

Out of all the practice, qualifying and support races so far, the ones
that have really been interesting have been the "Sebring Cup" with lots
of Healeys, the odd Lola and Lotus.  From mostly a 'look at and listen
to the lovely cars' point of view... fantastic, but the racing hasn't
been *that* tight.

>From a racing point of view, the 'Sports Sedans' have been fantastic,
especially as, at last, we have THREE MGs to root for.  All V8s (of
course) - two GTs and a 73 roadster.  Tight and hard racing, but I won't
give you the full rundown here.

Catch it all (even listen live) at:



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