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Re: Stirring the Pot...

To: "Scott Allen" <>,
Subject: Re: Stirring the Pot...
From: David Councill <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 17:48:21 -0700
We have discussed this on the list a couple of times, the last time was 
over a year ago. I decided to go with the NAMGBR last year, partly because 
the list recommended it over the American MGB Association and partly 
because one of our long term listers, David Deutch, was the membership 

So I still do not know much about the American MGB Association but I know 
that the $25 spent on the NAMGBR is well spent and comes with a pretty 
decent bimonthly magazine, the MG Driver. You also get an annual list of 
all the members as well as a list of recommended shops.

Granted, the best club is actually this list. Its free, advice and 
philosophy can be gotten quickly when you need it.

David Councill

At 11:07 PM 1/22/2001 +0000, Scott Allen wrote:
>Off of the bat I know this may incite some controversy, so please feel free
>to e-mail me off list with your opinions...
>I've been a member of the T Register for a few years, and my 'Da was a
>member of the same from '70 to '84, so I do believe in affiliating with orgs
>that keep the marque alive and spread the good word, etc, etc.
>Now that I'm in my second month of B ownership, (well, a BGT) I'm thinking
>it's time to affiliate with one of the clubs that has a longer reach then my
>I know there are to two main orgs for B's: the NAMGBR and the American MGB
>Association, but I only want to join one of them.  In the considered opinion
>of dedicated listers, which one should I join and why?
>As always, thanks in advance,
>Scott Allen
>74 1/2 BGT
>52 TD

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