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Re: LHD to RHD

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Subject: Re: LHD to RHD
From: "Richard Spurling" <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 10:52:09 +1030
> I have a question for the group that I have wondered about. I live in the
> continental U.S. and was wondering Is it legal (DOT Approved) to convert
> left hand drive MG to Right hand drive? if so Where would one get the
> Moss possibly and How hard would it be to convert?

The conversion from LHD to RHD is easy - it's done here in Oz all the time.
We buy cheap B's from America and covert them. There are now more
'American' Bs roaming the streets of Adelaide than Aussie builts or English

To do it, you change the steering rack, the steering wheel hangers should
be there (depending on the year, you may have to cut out the cone from the
firewall and weld that in the other side), swap the pedal box over, weld on
a mount for the accelerator, make a new set of brake lines (because the
brake pedal just swapped sides) and you may shift the brake splitter over
while you are at it. That does most of the mechanicals (I'm sure I forgot
something). The dash comes next. The wiring loom generally just folds back
on itself in the middle - I had to extend my indicator light wires only.
Then it's fit a new dash. Here there are plenty of fibreglass replicas
available, though the really keen people source a genuine dash from

It's a lot of stuffing about. I did it with not a lot of mechanical
expertise, though I paid an MG shop to do the welding. The technology and
parts are all readily available in Australia but I suspect a lot of it
wouldn't be in America because you people have no need to do it.
The later cars are easier to convert because things like the steering wheel
cone are already in the car.

Which raises the next question - Why are you contemplating this if you live
in America?


         Anne and Richard Spurling

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