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RE: gas smell & braided fuel lines?

To: "Erich" <erich@mail.NGBM.COM>, <>
Subject: RE: gas smell & braided fuel lines?
From: Joe Short <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 15:58:06 -0500
I replaced all of the flexible fuel lines in my '75 MGB with the braided steel
type. They are much stiffer and more rigid than anything I've used before, and 
can be a little difficult to work with. But the result is quite nice. If you 
do use them, wrap the line in masking tape where you intend to cut it. Then 
cut through the tape. I left the tape on to minimize fraying while I was 
working with them. They are stronger than standard rubber, but they are also 
more expensive. The choice is really more of a personal one.

'75 B Roadster
    Lowered and loud.

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