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RE: Okay, so no one watched the race-Reply

To: "R. O. Lindsay" <>
Subject: RE: Okay, so no one watched the race-Reply
From: "Scotty" <>
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 21:06:55 +1030
Rick said - Okay, so no one watched the race...

Did any of you watch the Australian Formula One
Grand Prix last weekend

I did! First thing to do on Sunday was to attend the dedication of a
War/Remembrance memorial at the Bay where I live. After the dedication us
veterans got to attend a get together with the Chief Army Guy and swap a few
lies etc. Quick lunch followed and Carol, asked me if I was OK? She noticed
I was getting a tad fidgety (near race start time) So we shot off home and
warmed up the TV got settled with a cool drink and enjoyed the race.

I just can't imagine motorheads not being interested in
the pinnacle of motorsport.

The local VW club had it's annual show and shine day, on a local reserve! So
I guess they weren't into F1.
Our SA 'Sporting Car Club' had a brunch run to our local restaurant area so
I guess those guys were not to interested. (A very nice black MGA and a red
'B' were with them on the run.) Mandatory LBC content.

I agree with Kai, this could be a great season for F1 racing and although
the down force has been reduced on the cars and the front spoilers are
raised as a result, the 'sculptured' look of the Maranello car is as pretty
as a picture IMHO. Lap times here in Oz were faster than last season,
although, with the modifications and grooved tires/tyres the cars were
supposed to be slower?


Adelaide, Australia.

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