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Re: Wiring basics - Oh No! Big point missed!

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Subject: Re: Wiring basics - Oh No! Big point missed!
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Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 15:29:01 -0000
The plasticiser also leaches out under normal atmospheric conditions esp.
sunlight and is probably the main cause of the film that develops on the
inside of the glass.


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> Ammonia also reacts with vinyl plasticisers found in dashboards, seat
> panels, rear soft top wind screens, and the colorful coatings sometimes
> found on electrical wiring. Eventually the insulation will be rendered
> hard and brittle. Ever use any of the various flavors of window cleaner
> containing ammonia on your car's windows? Ever notice a white powdery
> film on the inside of your windshield a few days later? That's the
> residue from the reaction between ammonia and vinyl plasticiser.
> Jim
> Bullwinkle wrote:
> > FWIW:
> >
> > Ammonia is an excellent cleaner of copper.  However, I've read
> > that it can cause "hydrogen embrittlement" (Spell checker doesn't
> > know that word, and I can't find it in the dictionary) and should
> > not be used to clean cartridge cases.  However clock makers use
> > it to clean large brass clocks.
> >
> > Blake

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