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Re: Road rallying your MG

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Subject: Re: Road rallying your MG
From: "Brinkman, Gerardo V" <>
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 14:08:59 -0500
>On the top end of the scale there is Pro Rally, which is a combination of
>route following and fastest time wins.  This is almost always done on roads
>closed to the public, and most often in the dark, and also often with foul
>road conditions, like gravel or sand based roads, and even snow pack to
>challenge your driving skills.  Think about running flat out in the dark on
>unfamilliar roads with sand or snow trying to figure in advance where the
>next turn will be.

Slight correction to the above statements :
All ProRally and ClubRally events, run by the SCCA, are now conducted
during daylight hours. There are no true "night" rallies run any more
some of the ProRally events are so long that they do stretch into the
but usually end by mid-night. The last true "night" rally was last run 5

All ProRally and ClubRally stages are run on roads which are closed to the
the transits between stages are obviously just regular roads which are not
off. The cars themselves have to be specially prepared with full roll-cages,
5-point belts
and other safety related items. Gone are the days that you taped up your
filled the gas tank and shot down that stage roads as quickly as you could


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