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Re: NA Classic MG Magazine

Subject: Re: NA Classic MG Magazine
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 14:27:09 EST
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> What did ya think?

>From a publishing perspective, very nice job for an inaugural issue (heck, 
nice job, period).  From a content perspective, a worthy effort.  I'm not 
sure I learned a great deal new.  The driver focus' were nice, but I would 
think that could get old pretty quickly.  Twist's technical article was good, 
but felt "rushed".

I love the objective of a US based mag for MG's.  The Brit mags (MG World and 
MG Enthusiast) are excellent, but they are Europe (UK) focused, as they 
should be.  Even with MG World's recent addition of a US editor, they really 
haven't gotten into anything yet.

Some special car focus', event coverage, in depth technical articles (like 
whether to disconnect the prop shaft when towing ;-)) maybe follow a 
restoration or two, and they could have a winner.

I intend to give them a spin for the first year and see how things go.

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