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tuning info wanted

Subject: tuning info wanted
From: Bill Saidel <>
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 13:29:40 -0400
I have a pair of HIF's on a 76B.  They''ve been excellent and dependable 
since I put them on last Spring but with a problem and I am still 
sufficiently a novice that an answer to my question is not obvious to me by 
just reading Haynes or Bentley or a few other pieces of literature.  (The 
mechanics is one thing. The functioning is another. I have a feeling that 
with the number of listers who are discussing esoteric aspects of engines 
and racing and tuning, I might be stepping into a pile.)  Still....

Last year I was perfectly happy to let the B idle at 1300 because the car 
ran great.  I knew that was high but since the car ran flawless with this 
one qualm, I put up with it. I won't this year.

Is there a simple adjustment to reduce the idle rmp or do I have to do a 
complete tune-up?  Even now it is running great after wintering over 
despite a few jaunts when the temperature reached >30F. Still, 1300 rpm is 
too damn high.


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