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Re: Battery, electrical help!

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Subject: Re: Battery, electrical help!
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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 18:47:32 +0100
As CR says, you probably connected the jump-leads the wrong way round on one
of the cars.

Charge you battery off the car, then connect it (make sure you connect it
the right way round) but with a test-lamp in place of the ground strap.
Make sure everything on the car is switched off, doors shut (interior lamp
off) boot/trunk shut (if that has an interior light).  If the test-lamp
glows disconnect the plug from the alternator.  If the test-lamp goes out
the alternator has blown its diodes, replace it or the diode-pack if you can
get one, but probably better to replace the whole thing.  If the test-lamp
still glows you have some other drain on the battery, which may have
accounted for the flat battery in the first place.  You will have to
disconnect browns at places like the solenoid and fuse-block to track it
(them) down.  Test the battery by leaving if disconnected for a couple of
weeks or more and see if it will then crank the engine.  If it has gone flat
it is toast too.

Check the wiring between alternator and solenoid (or wherever the browns
connect to the heavy current cable on your car) and check it is not


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Subject: Battery, electrical help!

> ... And hook the jumper
> cables up to the Land Rover.  This is where I get into trouble.  After
> over the rover I look up and smoke is coming out of the midget.  I ran for
> rover, shut it off.  Went back to the midget.  The smoke was coming from
> alternator, and the wires going to the alternator were very warm.  What
have I
> done?  Did I burn up the alternator?
> How do I test the battery?
> Can I test the alternator?

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