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Re: Gas Prices

Subject: Re: Gas Prices
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 06:03:31 EDT
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> Sorry to be grumpy but this is an INTERNATIONAL list. Where are you talking
> about? And it's a political email anyway. While the politics may be
> interesting to those in the immediate vicinity, it's not a lot of interest
> to those who aren't. The LBC content is very thin at best.

Every year here in the USA we have a "gas out" day, where nobody is supposed 
to buy any gas.  It's usually in the Spring, when the gas companies start 
jacking up the prices prior to the Summer travel season.  This year, there is 
a different spin to the "gas out".  Everybody is being asked to boycott the 
BIG 2 retail gas stations, Mobil and Exxon, since 1) they recently merged 
into a huge (#1, I believe) oil and gas producer and 2) they just announced 
record profits (I forget the exact $, but it's in the BILLIONS).  It's not 
just a one day boycott this time around, either.  The boycott is intended to 
remain in place indefinietly, until prices drop.

You guys can join in the fun, too.  I believe Exxon still operates as Esso 
everywhere else in the world.

MANDATORY LBC CONTENT:  This boycott won't effect me, as my LBC's don't like 
the low octane available from Exxon or Mobil.  I usually fill up the LBC at 
Texaco, where you can still get 94 octane, and the Mustang gets filled up at 
Getty, where my mechanic lives (rather give my money to the guy who keeps the 
cars running...).

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