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Need Info on Previous owner of MGA GHNL2/105309

Subject: Need Info on Previous owner of MGA GHNL2/105309
From: "Harold W. Roeth" <>
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 17:59:57 -0400
I received the following note from Howard Guiney 
<> and replied as noted below. If anyone has 
info on this car, please contact Howard directly. Thank you.

Original Inquiry:

>FROM: Howard Guiney (Area Secretary)South Manchester MG Owners Club
>Hi, I hope you can help me? I have had a email request from Eric, a 
>French MGA owner (email: )
>He has bought a ex USA imported 1961 MGA and because he can't 
>provide the French Authorities with proof of the cars American 
>registration number (title document?) he is unable to drive the car 
>on the road!
>I hope you can provide some assistance in finding out the 
>information for Eric as he is very desperate to get his MGA back on 
>the road where it belongs. The car was imported into France on the 
>1st July 1997 and the chassis number is GHNL2/105309 perhaps the car 
>was on your register before being exported.

My response:

>Howard: I am the publisher/editor of MGA!, the bimonthly magazine of 
>NAMGAR. I also have been working with the NAMGAR registrar, George 
>Merryweather, <> and other registrars 
>and members of MGA and MG organizations from around the world to 
>prepare a Worldwide MGA Database. The last edition was August, 2000 
>and it contains over 10,000 MGAs registered around the world.
>Unfortunately, GHNL2/105309 is not listed so I have no means of 
>being able to track any previous owner. I would suggest that you 
>post your inquiry on as many MG and MGA lists that you can. (You may 
>have already done this!). The NAMGAR Web site has links to all MG 
>sites. I will post your question on the Owners-MG-Digest (a list of 
>which I am a member) with a note to have responses go to you.
>Sorry I cannot be of further help. It must be frustrating for Eric 
>not to be able to drive his MGA. Hopefully you can find out more 
>information on this car for him.

Hal Roeth
Editor/Publisher, MGA! Magazine
2 County Route 2
Berne, NY 12023

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