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Subject: [NO LBC] Probe Power Steering
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Date: Sun, 06 May 2001 11:46:09 -0400
Looking for a little help here. My GF drives a 96 Ford Probe. Last year when
we went to Cleveland the power steering acted up. I thought it was a belt
slipping. We ended up putting some belt dressing on it and that helped but
did not cure the problem. The belt was replaced after we got back.

Here are the symptoms. Sometimes (not always) when turning a corner the
power assist goes away, making it harder to turn the car.

She narrowed it down to mostly happening when the air-conditioning is on.
The car has a Mazda V-6. The power steering pump and the AC compressor are
on the same serpentine belt. The belt has been replaced and re-tightened.
The "new" belt was replaced after it broke on her on the way home from work
a couple months ago. Last week when it got near 90 here, (68 or so today)
she turned the air on, on a curvy road, and had a hard time steering. As
soon as she shut the air off it was OK again. There does not seem to be any
noticeable belt squeal. I have noticed the same thing, loss of power assist,
in the winter, I think when the defrost was on. I remember that they used to
have the AC clutch engage once in a while, when the defrost was on, so as to
lubricate the AC seals in the winter. I am not sure if that is still true or

I am thinking that it might be the AC compressor clutch causing the belt to
not turn as well as it should, thereby causing the power steering pump not
to function up to standard, but I am not sure.

Bit of a strange problem, so I thought I would ask a bunch of strange people
for an answer. (just kidding - at least 1/3 of you are not TOO strange)

Suggestions, clues, hints??
Any help appreciated, and welcome.


Larry Macy
78 Midget

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Larry B. Macy, Ph.D.
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