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Re: MGBGT hot

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Subject: Re: MGBGT hot
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Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 20:17:03 -0400
I'll add my thoughts here, since I've had a Webasto sunroof on a GT since
about 1971.  Had it installed in London where I took delivery of the car.
In England, it made sense.  When the sun DID come out, you immediately
wanted to get every ray possible.  But in warmer climes?  No way does a
Webasto make a roadster out of the GT.  I find it hotter with the roof back
and the sun high in the sky than if I had left it closed and depended upon
the airflow for cooling.  Second the opinion of others in this regard.


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Subject: MGBGT hot

> Hi all,
> I remember a few weeks back R.O. Lindsay (Rick) asked about
> an A/C unit for an MGBGT. I don't want to sacrifice 'any'
> horsepower, but it is quite warm driving a GT  even with these
> New England summers.
> I was wondering if anyone has ever successfully put a sunroof in
> an MGBGT, and is it effective ?
> I wonder if there's a kit on the market for this.
> Dan Furbish
> 68 MGBGT

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