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RE: My weekend (again!)

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Subject: RE: My weekend (again!)
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Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 15:14:56 -0400
Your error probably had nothing to do with this specific msg. Instead you
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> Subject: My weekend (again!)
> This is what I tried to send when I got the phatal erors!
> - - - - - - - - - - - - -
> I am putting together a rally for July, so Saturday I went to the
> Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, PA for the WWII weekend.
> Wow!  Lots of
> great vintage planes, cars and military vehicles.  I only saw
> one Brit car, a
> very original looking Alvis (maybe 1944?), at the show.  They
> had American,
> German and French encampments, but I didn't see any British,
> and I don't know
> much about planes, but they all looked American.  Not even a
> British Spitfire
> (plane, not TR!).  Very crowded show but I still enjoyed it.
> I may end the
> rally there and allow the participants to tour the museum.
> I then took a ride around the area and up Mount Penn to the
> Pagoda at the top
> of the hill.  They use this hill for hillclimbs and the view
> is great, so I
> want to incorporate it in the rally.  I pulled into the
> parking area and
> parked next to a very nice '47 MGTD.  The owner was also very
> nice and he
> said there was a show in Reading that day.  I saw a few other
> MGs on the
> road.
> Beautiful weather for a drive!  Sorry to hear about the
> problem weather in
> Texas.
> BTW, the price of gas in the Reading area is incredible!
> Only $1.379/gal.
> for
> regular and $1.539/gal. for premium.  Almost worth the trip.
> Allen Hefner
> SCCA Philly Region Rally Steward
> '77 Midget
> '92 Mitsubishi Expo LRV Sport

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