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RE: MGB fastback

To: "Pearson, Tim" <>
Subject: RE: MGB fastback
From: Graham McCann <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 11:45:33 +1000
There actually two MGB roadster fastback conversions.  The first was 
produced by Bill Buckle Motors of Sydney and involved removal of the boot 
lid, extensive metal work and was a permanent conversion.   The second was 
an elaborate hardtop produced by J & S, makers of many sports car hardtops, 
which involved removing the boot lid and the hardtop went all the way to 
the back end of the luggage area.

97 MGF

At 09:21 am 12/6/01 +1000, Pearson, Tim wrote:
>hmmmm... bit behind on this one, but it reminds me of a custom fastback done
>by an australian dealer in the late 60's - they did a new b with the
>fastback, bootlid removed, the boot area carpeted, few other fiddles, like
>steering wheel, cam, headlight covers. can't remember the dealer - something
>like peter manton motors?
>anyway, they were a bmc dealer and they sold them as a new car.
>somewhere at home i've got the details..........if anyone's interested i can
>probably dig up the article....
>Tim Pearson
>Sydney, Australia
>66B YGHN3-3238

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