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3 MG1100 found near Atlanta

To: "MG" <>
Subject: 3 MG1100 found near Atlanta
From: "Rick Astley" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 11:32:21 -0400
I know of 3 MG1100's circa '67-'68 in a shed N.W. of Atlanta. I was offered
them, through a friend who is a relative of the owner, for ~$400. Not my bag
but I was asked to try to find an interested party and filter responses to
screen out time wasters that a newspaper ad might elicit.The 3 cars have 2
engines between them and currently house about 90 cats. I figure there is one
good car here and a lot of spares.
Pictures at:

Respond to me directly and I will forward to owner. BTW, no bucks in this for
me, just a favor for a friend.

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