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To: Spridgets <>
Subject: Virus
From: Fisher & Elizabeth Jones <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 16:37:51 -0500
Afternoon everyone.

         I received a telephone call this morning from a friend who had 
received an infected message in his own e-mail this morning.  He advised me 
of the sender's name and warned that I should look for a message from him.

         On a local news station they are touting the new virus 'SirCam', 
and suggesting that this new virus is quite dangerous. ........................

         "SirCam has the antivirus companies thoroughly confused. Sometimes 
SirCam deletes most of your files and directories, sometimes the virus 
chooses to fill up your hard drive with text files, and sometimes SirCam 
does no damage at all. "

further ...................

  "The body of the message begins, "Hi! How are you?" and then says 
something like: "I send you this file in order to have your advice," or "I 
hope you can help me with this file that I send," and ends with, "See you 
later. Thanks." "

         Well, wouldn't you know, in my e-mail was a message from the 
person that my friend had warned me about.  The message did indeed say what 
the local news station had said it would.  What bothers me, and why I am 
sending this message, is that the attachment that I received was titled 
Heritage Trust information address - or something like that.

The Sender was, reputedly, one Jeremiah P. Randolph,
using the address of         

         I don't know if there is a lister with this name, or address, but 
it might be wise to check your own mail.  I didn't open the attachment, and 
have completely deleted it from my system.

         Sorry if you think I'm wasting bandwidth, but I thought you should 
all know about it, especially with the MG connection and the Heritage Trust.


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