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Re: Virus

To: David Councill <>
Subject: Re: Virus
From: Fisher & Elizabeth Jones <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 16:58:58 -0500
Whilst I am sorry to hear that you got one too, I am glad to know that I 
wasn't wasting bandwidth.  Some people get very upset at that !!!!!!!  I 
still don't know if there is a real lister with that name or 
address.     Anyone?


At 03:47 PM 7/23/01 -0600, David Councill wrote:
>Maybe it is relavent to this list. I got one a few hours ago. Since I had 
>no clue who the sender was, I ran a virus scan on the mystery file called 
>comercial_nuba.doc.bat and it came up clean. But the text of the message 
>was the same or similar to the one you have - bad English included.

/// mailing list
///  (If they are dupes, this trailer may also catch them.)

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