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Oil cooler thermostat

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Subject: Oil cooler thermostat
From: "Mike Winney" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001 17:00:22 -0700
With the discussion of thermostats, I thought I'd give a short report on my
experience with the oil cooler thermostat kit(Moss 235-840).  It just didn't
make sense to me to be cooling cold oil during engine warmup especially in
the winter.  This thermostat causes the oil to bypass the oil cooler until
it reaches 70 c. or 158 f.  (to convert centigrade to fahrenheit multiply
temp in centigrade by nine; divide by five and add 32). What is surprising
to me is that even on a warm day until the engine has been running for 15/20
minutes the oil bypasses the cooler thus indicating that there is little
need to cool oil until full operating temperture is reached.  I use Mobil
One 15W-50 and a 180 coolant thermostat all year basically for the same
reasons given by Max., i.e. quicker warmup to efficient operating
temperature "range".  I use 50/50 distilled water/coolant and Red Line water
wetter(haven't a clue if it really works!)
Mike Winney

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