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Re: Engine and Exhaust Choices

To: "Ruggiero Larry Lt Col AFRC/XPXS" <Larry.Ruggiero@AFRC.AF.MIL>,
Subject: Re: Engine and Exhaust Choices
From: "Dave Munroe" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001 23:01:13 -0300
Don't know about the big blocks, but I do have a Maniflow Header on my
'74"B" that I got from APT. It fit like a glove, is beautifully and sturdily
built with excellent welds, and is likely one of the best on the market. I
highly recommend both APT and the product.


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From: "Ruggiero Larry Lt Col AFRC/XPXS" <Larry.Ruggiero@AFRC.AF.MIL>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2001 5:29 PM
Subject: Engine and Exhaust Choices

> Hello everyone-- does anyone have experience with the "built in England"
> bore long block 2 liter motors that The Proper MG (New England) sells?
> how about the Maniflow header and exhaust systems that APT (Riverside CA)
> sells?  TIA
> Larry Ruggiero
> Warner Robins GA
> '72 MGB

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