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Re: How Good is Maniflow Intake Manifold ?

To: "Steven P. Clifton" <>
Subject: Re: How Good is Maniflow Intake Manifold ?
Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2001 08:51:09 -0700
I have one on my car.  A 67 MGB.  The car now idles better.  It starts easier.  

have not used the choke since it's been installed, even when it's been in the
30's.  There is a definite seat of the pants improvement in acceleration and the
power band feels a little wider.  But there are some considerations though.  One
is that there is no provision for the PCV valve.  I ran the breather into a 

tank.  Also the port on the manifold is larger than the port on the head.  This
causes turbulence around where the diameter steps smaller causing the effective
size of the port to be even smaller.  (not sure if I explained that clearly).
Turbulence at this point is a bad thing.  The ports need to be matched.  you can
step larger but you cant step smaller.  Another is the manifold is longer than
stock so the carbs are further out and up.  My K&N's rubbed the hood.  I was
reading Blakes post...  Blake, where you able to flow bench both manifolds?  

you installed one to be able get any performance data?  But to be honest, I'm
also running a DElgin 180 degree cam, ported head, Maniflow header and exhaust,
Aldon ignition... etc..etc..  The manifold was installed a few months after the
rebuild and I definitely felt the difference.

67 MGB

"Steven P. Clifton" wrote:

>  Greetings MG listers,
>  Any comments about the intake manifold advertised at this website?
> Thanks,
> Steve C.
> 72MGB

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