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electrical problems

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Subject: electrical problems
From: "carter's alltel" <>
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 16:22:12 -0600
Hello again.  Last week I wrote in a described a problem with my midget not
starting.  As most of you said, it was the alternator.  I have replaced it and
fully charged the battery.  Started like a champ.  Great... But I need help in
trying to figure out what is really wrong.  The alternator I just replaced was
only 6 months old.  The battery has been replaced 3 times in the last year and
a half.  The little light next to the turn signal light is red in color.  It
lights up when I start the car and then goes out.  Is this my ignition warning
light?  If so, I have noticed that It has a faint glow while driving.  It will
pulsate with the turn signal when it is on.  Could this be a warning as to
what is causing my alternator and battery troubles to continue?  I can go
drive it today, but in 6 months I'm afraid I'll be doing all of this again.
Thanks for any thoughts or ideas..

79' midget
96 rover

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