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Re: electrical problems

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Subject: Re: electrical problems
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Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 14:13:21 -0000
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Subject: electrical problems

> The little light next to the turn signal light is red in color.  It
> lights up when I start the car and then goes out.  Is this my ignition
> light?


> If so, I have noticed that It has a faint glow while driving.  It will
> pulsate with the turn signal when it is on.  Could this be a warning as to
> what is causing my alternator and battery troubles to continue?

This symptom is usually (but not exclusively) caused by bad diodes or other
problems in the alt.  From a strictly technical point of view it lights
because it has a diffierent voltage on each side whereas when running the
voltage should be the same both sides - about 14.5v at 5000 rpm.  Switch on
everything you can then measure the voltage on the brown and the
brown/yellow at the alt and the white at the ignition switch and let us


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