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Re: Dist. replacement.

To: Wil Boucher <>
Subject: Re: Dist. replacement.
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 17:17:26 -0800
Well, the Octagon guys generally know what they are talking about.

Usually when a dist is on its way out, the bushing is getting worn
allowing the dist shaft to wobble around, changing your timing.

I've heard that fitting an electronic ign (such as pertronix) will help
as these are not as affected by worn dist shafts??  If not, you can
simply get the thing re-bushed, no?

If it is not the shaft then it might be the advance weight springs.  If
these are gone I dont know anywhere to get replacements...

Or maybe its a leaky vac advance?  Pull the hose from the vac advance to
the carb or manifold and suck, see if the vac advance holds a vacuum.
If it doesn't plug the manifold tap for the time being, you will lose a
little bit of full-throttle performance but you don't want an air leak
in the intake while u fix it.

Other than those (you DID replace the points/condensor/rotor/cap/wires
and plugs right) thats the ONLY parts in the dist that can get worn out!!
Its a very simple contraption.

Watch the timing marks with a strobe, if its wobbling all over the place
its probably a worn shaft.  Check your dwell with a proper meter too.

Anyway, I'd fix the original unit, personally.

66 B

Word on the street is that Wil Boucher said:
> One thing that happens is that I will be driving along and all seems fine,
> and then all the sudden the engine loses power... and sometimes just dies
> completely...
> Most times there is major hesitation (where I am afraid the engine is just
> going stop running) when I begin acceleration...
> In order to keep the engine running, the idle is set quite fast, around 1200
> rpm.
> The timing has been adjusted, new points, replaced the carbs with
> professionally rebuilt ones, and the MG mechanics who do my more advanced
> work (advanced for me any way :-) (Octagon here in Vancouver) tell me that
> the dist is on the way out...  (I trust there assessment.)

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