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Re: Mike Razor leaving the list

To: "E.Claure" <>
Subject: Re: Mike Razor leaving the list
From: "James H. Nazarian, Ph.D." <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 14:41:39 -0500
"E.Claure" wrote:

> Mike, after so many battles about the same issue I can't believe you are
> taking defeat.
> Give no shit take no shit is my motto on these issue.  Hope you stay,
> Sincerely, Enrique.

I'm with Enrique, there is no need for, nor room for bullies on this list. Don't
leave, Mike.

Hey Bully! Get a hobby!

1960 MGA 1600 Very Red
1974 MGB-GT Damask (Very Burgundy) Red

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