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RE: Kick Panel, quick question

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Subject: RE: Kick Panel, quick question
From: "Wil Boucher" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 23:20:43 -0800
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> I would expect an inner unibody panel with some access holes, not a
> bolt-in panel. Couldn't find anything on it it in the manual, which
> to
> confirm my suspicion...

I went through the restoration sections of the books and examined
closely the pictures with the kick panels even hinted at being in them,
and it certainly looks like it would be a welding thing, and not to be
trifled with... 

I don't think I am going to be able to do it that way, there are NO
access holes in the kick panels on my car, and I'm not going to make any
I guess...

I will put the switches in the door and see how that goes...

> Thinking about your problem, what kind of door switches would make you
> bolt
> them on from the back? That seems to call for a pretty unlikely amount
> access on any vehicle. I suppose if all else fails you could mount
them IN
> the doors -- it would work the same way, with some additional wire
> routing.

The switches are like a hollow bolt with a plastic shaft and spring
inside. The body of the 'bolt' grounds to the car. At one end of the
shaft is a metal contact, at the other end, sticking out of the 'bolt'
is a plunger, when the plunger is pushed, the spring is compressed, the
shaft shifts, contact is broken, alarm triggers.

> [Frankly, I think car alarms are a waste of time, and an unnecessary
> intrusion on the neighbors. But you would have a better sense of what
> of neighborhood you live in, so...]

Previous to my experiences with this car I was of the same mind. People
have there alarms set too sensitive with the audio sensors, and too
sensitive with the vibration sensors... It's amazing how many alarms I
can get a warning chirp out of, or set off, just by driving my MGB near
them :-/

This is why the door switches are important to me. I want to be able to
minimize the sensitivity of the shock sensor, etc. If the door is open,
the alarm should go off. If a Harley drives by, the alarm should not.

(I will have to see how things go when I put the proximity detector in,
later in the spring, for top down alarm...)

I leave my doors unlocked, and try to leave nothing in the car. If you
lock the doors, the top will just get slashed...

Whatcha gonna do ? I dunno, I'm trying this to see what happens... 

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