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Re: 8x1mm Helicoil Kit

To: Lew Palmer <>
Subject: Re: 8x1mm Helicoil Kit
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 14:06:17 -0500
Hi Lew,

    Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll check it out.


Lew Palmer wrote:

> Bud,
> I have two suggestions:
> 1) Rather than Helicoils, I've used a product called "Keyserts". They
> are a threaded metal insert, not a coiled wire. You use a standard (12
> mm, I think) tap and a small inexpensive tool that comes with the
> Keyserts to set them. They are hardened and a much stronger than
> Helicoils. They also don't have the nasty habit of uncoiling when you
> insert the bolt too far or remove it. They are available from a number
> of industrial supply companies. I got mine from Lawson Products. The
> Lawson product number for the 8mm x 1.0 is 19821 and the setting tool is
> 89864. You should be able to find a Lawson distributor locally.
> Otherwise,
> 2) Helicoils are available from any number of industrial distributors,
> including Lawson Products. A quick check with your local auto parts
> house should turn up a ket or two.
> But again, I MUCH PREFER the Keyserts. They're easy to install,
> extremely strong, and work as well in aluminum as cast iron. I couldn't
> get a Helicoil to hold well in my aluminum timing chain cover. The
> Helicoil kept pulling out. But the Keyserts worked beautifully, allowed
> me to put much more torque on the bolt. And, the best news is they are
> MUCH cheaper than Helicoils.
> Regards,
> Lew Palmer
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> Sent: Saturday, February 09, 2002 11:49 AM
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> Subject: 8x1mm Helicoil Kit
> Hi folks,
>     Getting ready to start work on Lazarus' (52TD) engine.  Last time I
> put it
> together I wasn't all that happy with some of the threads.  This time
> there'll
> be some Helicoils in before it's bolted up to the engine stand.  At the
> moment,
> the only source that I know of for an 8x1mm Helicoil kit is from
> Abingdon Spares
> at $85.70 (extra coils at $1.35/ea.).  Does anybody know of another
> source at a
> lower price?  TIA.
> Bud Krueger
> 52TD

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