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Re: 8x1mm Helicoil Kit

To: Peter Thiel <>
Subject: Re: 8x1mm Helicoil Kit
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 19:11:33 -0500
Hi Pete,

   Thanks again, but I just couldn't quite navigate through their site.
However, I was able to get them through McMaster-Carr.

Bud Krueger

Peter Thiel wrote:

> Hi Bud,
>     Try this link for a hand installation tool. (It is all one link.) If you
> go to the MSC home page and use the keyword Helicoil, you can follow the
> menus for what you are after. I have only used the tool that is on the link
> here, not the one you found on p.306.
> 1&p_section_Id=464&Section_Id=464&p_product_type_Id=243&ShowProductList=t&p_
> att_type_id_0=26974&p_att_value_id_0=312594&p_search_flag_0=1&p_att_type_id_
> 1=18339&p_att_value_id_1=322752&p_search_flag_1=1&SelectedAtt.length=2&pbegi
> n=0&pcount=15&NameVector%5B0%5D.Name=Brand+Name&NameVector%5B0%5D.Value=Heli
> coil&NameVector%5B1%5D.Name=Thread+Size&NameVector%5B1%5D.Value=M8x1&NameVec
> tor.length=2&View.x.x=117&View.x.y=11
> Best,    Pete

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