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Re: MGB brake pads

Subject: Re: MGB brake pads
From: "Jerry Causey" <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 16:15:05 -0800
Oversize R-4S Carbon Kevlar pads ( Porterfield, I think) and 
Carbon Kevlar rear shoes are available from Doug Jackson 
(British Automotive).
Doug claims just ordinary replacement brake shoes are 
sufficient for the rear of a street car (along with the Kevlar 
pads up front).
The Brits on the MG Enthusiasts BBS swear by EBC Brakes' 
Greenstuff pads, which are also Kevlar. They appear to be 
making their way to North America:
TS Imported Automotive also has Carbon 
Kevlar pads and shoes for the MGB.

Jerry Causey

> What would the suggestions be for brake pads and shoes that are 
> better than or higher performance than stock but not a racing 
> application? Brand names and where to get them?
> Allen

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