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Re: Re: MGB brake pads

To: Dereck C <>
Subject: Re: Re: MGB brake pads
From: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 10:18:33 -0500
Might work, but you may be throwing so much additional braking power to the 
front brakes that the balance between front and back is thrown off.  Fronts do 
most of the braking but without some upgrade of the back you could be going too 
much to one end.  Also consider that the larger pads and ebc compound may be 
generating excess heat that stock rotors cannot handle.

'74 BGT with V8 pads

Dereck C <> wrote:
> shows the mg part numbers.  I too would 
>like to know where to buy the pads (DC area?, web site?).  The site says 
there is a 30-50% increase in performance.  Sounds nice.  How about putting 
on the GT-V8 version, increase even more?  I would imagine you can do that 
without modification, right?

70 B

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