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Dash paint

Subject: Dash paint
From: Maffei Andrew P SSgt 27 LG/LGQPT <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 08:48:52 -0700
        If anyone out there has been following my recent inputs ( which I
wouldn't blame you if you weren't) I had decided to repaint my dash board.
When the car was repainted whom ever did it just painted the dash the same
color as the car.  Well I pulled the dash out and stripped it down to bare
metal,  and upon doing so I found spots that had the original paint still on
I noticed that it was not a wrinkle black finish,  like the type that is
being offered in the Moss/VB catalogs,  but more of a textured finish,  so I
went up to the local Wal-mart here in town and purchased a can of
"Rust-o-lum"  semi gloss textured finish paint.
After priming the dash I painted it with this paint,  figuring that if it
didn't look good,  I could always re-strip it and order some of the wrinkle
black from the catalog.
Well at first when I sprayed it I wasn't to impressed,  but after about 20
minutes when it set and was pretty much dry to the touch,  I was amazed at
the finish,  it looked exactly like the original paint that I had found when
I was stripping the dash.  The following day when I got home from work,  I
went in and looked at the dash,  it looked like it was brand new from the
factory.  I was so impressed at the way the finish had come out,  I knew
that I just had to share it with the list.
The Nice part about this was the whole project ( paint, primer and stripper)
cost about $12 and the end result was well worth the cost.
I would suggest that if you are planning to re-finish a metal dash,  that
you try this paint.  one can costs about $4.99  
I have refinished ( 2 to 3 coats each) the dash, defrost vent covers and
metal plate and hose clamps for the defrost ducts( under the dash) and still
have paint left over.
very impressed at the results.
Andy 66B

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