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Re: New Fuel Pump

Subject: Re: New Fuel Pump
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 18:59:31 -0600 wrote:
> Ah, well, it is no good measuring the voltage unless the thing it is
> supplying is connected and trying to draw current.  Connect a meter between
> ground and one thumb and put your other thumb on a 12v supply.  The meter
> might show 12v (depending on how wet you are) but you wouldn't even light a
> test-lamp.

Thanks, Paul; this is so. On the other hand, not knowing what the
resistance nor impedance might be across the terminals of a working
fuel-pump of unknown manufacture, I just used the meter as a quick
and dirty continuity-checker. The test on the battery posts told me
exactly what I needed to know and the car is fine now, so it did

I worked in Toronto for many years as an IBM troubleshooter, which
taught me there are at least a dozen valid ways to do almost
anything, so I tend to just grab whatever is handy to get the job
done.    ;)

(And, no, I don't use a pipewrench to adjust the valve clearances.) 

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