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RE: Are MGB reliable daily drivers?

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Subject: RE: Are MGB reliable daily drivers?
From: "Larry Hoy" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 17:48:42 -0700
Hmm, there are very few answer guys, or question guys, that could repair
a new Jaguar, or a new MG for that matter.  So why wouldn't the simple
technology of an old MG make a good reliable daily driver?  Probably
because the owner doesn't maintain the car like they should.  That
doesn't mean you have to do the work yourself.  But the maintance must
be done.  

Look at the ecconomics of two cars; an old MG, and a new "whatever you
drive" car.

A restored chrome bumper car might cost you $6000 USD to purchase.  A
"whatever you drive" car will be above $20,000 USD new.  Routine
maintance on both cars should be similar (oil, tires, etc)  If you spend
$100 per month on repairs of the MG and nothing on the "whatever you
drive car" (nothing on the "whatever you drive car" would be a miracle,
but I'll give you that one), in 5 years you would have spent $6,000 USD
on the MG.  Now you're into the MG for $12,000 USD, a car that is likely
still worth the $6,000 you paid for it.  The "whatever you drive car" is
now worth $5,000, that car has cost you $15,000 USD, the MG $6,000 USD.
Under these two senarios the MG is the cheaper car and probably hasn't
left you stranded anywhere.

I believe that if you maintain your old MG like you do to your present
"every day" driver the MG would be quite reliable, even for the question
guys.  Come on question guys, when is the last time your MG was towed
home?  You've never had your "whatever you drive" car towed?

Repair costs on new cars are outrageous.  My 1991 US made truck needed a
voltage regulator.  No problem, I started looking for the regulator,
guess what, the voltage is regulated by the computer, the dealer price
on a computer is $1,175, that's just the part cost.  Compare that to
your MG repairs.

Here's a simple real life example.  Your wheel cylinder on your MG
begins to leak.  Why should this surprise you, it is likely 30 years
old.  So you pay $15 for a new cylinder and install it (or pay someone
to install it) and your set for another 30 years.  Or better yet do both
cylinders and forget them both for 30 years.

'Nuff said, I'm off my soap box.  

Larry Hoy

> I can't help but notice that all of the guys who are saying 
> "Yeah, sure, mine is a daily driver, no problem" are the 
> members of the board that the rest of us could refer to as 
> "the answer guys". 
> If you are more of a 'question guy', you're really going to 
> need them to help you keep the car humming along.

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