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Re: Bad clacking in the + a few more ???

To: MG Nuts <>
Subject: Re: Bad clacking in the + a few more ???
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 10:31:39 -0800
Word on the street is Greyson Crowe said:
> Well I have a Bentley that came with the car.  Unfortunateley it's at my 
>parents house now.  I'll be getting it back in a week, which is when I move 
>back to Lewiston and can start workin on the B.  Anyways...I have heard rod 
>knock before in a honda accord.  This sounds more like valve clatter.  But I'm 
>no expert.  I must thank everyone for the info on how to adjust my valves, 
>sounds easy.  I'll be doing the valves and timing first.  If that does 
>nothing, then I'll go from there.  I figure next on the list will be get the 
>new exhaust on, then get the carbs tuned properly.  That should take care of 
>most problems I hope.  What type of oil should I use?  My dad has been using a 
>cheap 10W30 since he has been paying for the parts, but I have finally 
>convinced him to use the oem parts.  And now that it's my car, I will be 
>paying for the parts.  Eventually I'll be needing to do new suspension, and 
>wanting a cam/header setup later on.  Any Suggestions on what to get in this 

That's good, the Bentley is the best manual.

You should use 20W50 in the engine and transmission, year round.
Change engine oil every 3000 miles.  This is Important (tm).

As for timing, invest in a cheap timing light.  Mark the crank pulley
and timing teel with white-out.  Attach timing light to #1 plug wire,
disconnect and plug vaccum advance, and shoot light at pulley.  The
distributor might have a thumbscrew for minor adjustments, otherwise
looses the dist. clamp on the block and turn it slightly to adjust.

> t, & what exhaust size and muffler setup?  I figured 2" pipe with a glasspack 
>up front and a Dynomax Turbo muffler in back.  Very similar to the setup I use 
>on my Rabbit...and it sounds quiet until u punch it. 

The hot setup is to use the early exhaust manifold, apparently its
almost as good as most of the LCB headers out there.  I can't remember
if you have a single ZS or twin SUs (if its the former, nevermind).

Careful not to use too big of an exhaust size, or you will lose a lot of
"drivability".  What works on the track is usually NOT what you want on
the street.  The ANSA twin-tip system Moss et al sells is well regarded
and sounds/looks nice.


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