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RE: seat alternative for MGB GT's.

To: "'Dan Furbish'" <>, "'mgs'"
Subject: RE: seat alternative for MGB GT's.
From: "Wil Boucher" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 10:26:57 -0800
I haven't done it yet, but am planning on doing it sometime this

Fiero seats seem to be the simplest to swap into the MGB...

Here is a 'How-To' I came across on the net...

I have seen some pictures posted of what the conversion looks like after
it is done, but can't seem to find them now...

1969 MGB 

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> Subject: seat alternative for MGB GT's.
> Hi All,         (purists won't like this subject-I'm sorry).
> I was wondering if anyone has any experience in installing
> upgraded-modern high backed seats in their 65-69 MGB GT.
> I look at the prices of quality manufactured seat kits, used
> reconditioned seats and New seats.
> To be honest I know it's "not the purist way to go" but I can't
> afford to go that root but I would like to get new seats, but I want
> them to look like they grew there.
> I've taken the measurements for Saturn seats, they recline,
> they have lumbar adjusters in them, they're very comfortable,
> they're made of durable materials they have lateral supports built
> into them etc, and their adjusters work easily. Saturn seats are 1"
> wide, I'm hoping someone else has looked into this and can
> tell me what year and model vehicle seats will fit my car.
> I was thinking I could get the charcoal gray/black color
> that would pretty much match my black carpeting.
> Dan
> 68 MGB GT
> in Massachusetts

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