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Re: Worst cars

Subject: Re: Worst cars
From: (Nory)
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 09:40:51 -0400 (EDT)
I, too, had two of the worst cars.  I actually liked the Pinto, but the
exploding gas tank rumors made me trade it in on a Maverick.  Then I
heard the Maverick had the same gas tank problem.

>"If I got on the Interstate without being 
>run over, the car would creep towards 
>55. About an hour later, I'd reach it. 
>Then, the shaking would begin."

I had a Chevette, and had the same problem.  It also needed annual brake
jobs and went through tires almost as fast.

The biggest aggravation was the broken alternator brackets, which I
wouldn't become aware of until the battery turned up dead.  The third
time it happened, I charged up the battery, took the car down to the
dealer, and traded it in towards a used Blazer.  On a subsequent visit
to the dealer two weeks later, I was told they haven't been able to
start the car since I parked it there --for all I know, it's still
sitting there.

Surprisingly, we actually see a Chevette driving around the neighborhood
now and then - must be the only good one they made...

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