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Re: Worst cars

Subject: Re: Worst cars
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 10:23:29 EDT
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<< I had a Chevette, and had the same problem.  It also needed annual brake
jobs and went through tires almost as fast.

The biggest aggravation was the broken alternator brackets, which I
wouldn't become aware of until the battery turned up dead.  The third
time it happened, I charged up the battery, took the car down to the
dealer, and traded it in towards a used Blazer.  On a subsequent visit
to the dealer two weeks later, I was told they haven't been able to
start the car since I parked it there --for all I know, it's still
sitting there.

Surprisingly, we actually see a Chevette driving around the neighborhood
now and then - must be the only good one they made... >>

The amazing thing is how some of the car magazine sluts slobbered all over 
the Chevette when it first came out.  I think it was a guy at Car & Driver 
who said it was so much FUN, and proved that Americans could make quality 
small cars.   As far as being an "expert" goes, that is up there with Motor 
Trend giving the Mustang II (a Pinto in sexy clothes) its Car of the Year 

Jay Donoghue

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