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Carb Problems

Subject: Carb Problems
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 22:33:26 EDT
74 MGB chrome bumper with Hif4 dual carbs
Last summer i was rearended. After some body work was done by my ex mech/body 
shop I was getting an extreme amount of metal rust dust lookin stuff in fuel 
filter. Had to clean every 10-20 miles as filter was full. Ended up replacing 
tank because it had holes in top around filler nozzlewhich apparently let in 
dust from sanding.  I have had occasional carb trouble (sputtering, rough 
idle, hesitation on acceleration) off and on ever since. 
Two weeks ago it started acting like it was flooded. I barely made it home 
before I left for vacation in Hawaii. Saw 4 B's in Hawaii but none of em 
 Went out tonight and started car.  Ran fine in quick spin around the block. 
After pulling back in garage the idle was low. Didn't want to restart. 
Noticed gas filter was low. Turned on key and it tried to fill but seemed to 
drain as fast as it filled. Didn't want to start and acted like it was 
flooded. Does this sound like needle valve problem?
I took carbs off tonight and they are sitting on work bench waiting for my 
next chance to work on them.
Also I seem to need to top off carbs with 20w50 every 2 weeks to once a 
month. This seems like a lot. Where does the oil go?


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