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It passed SMOG

Subject: It passed SMOG
From: rexcats <>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 07:38:30 -0700
Yippeeee Hip Hip Hurray!!!  The little 79 MGB finally passed California
strict SMOG laws!!!! And yesterday was able to go to the DMV and pick up the
new personalized plates and tags!!!!  So now B4 BUGGY will soon be on the
road!  We still have some fine tuning to do, door locks needing adjustments,
brakes need adjustments, shocks, all the little things turn signals etc.. oh
and the son wants to use his first pay check on a stereo and speakers, you
know the important stuff<BG>  Plus we have to iron out the transition of our
son going from an automatic to a stick but the few times he has driven it
now he did pretty good, so I do believe Justin will have his little car by
July for his 17th Birthday! I can't possibly have a kid that old yet!!!  Oh
well one down and in a couple years one more to go although I am not sure
the younger sons car is going to be an MG!!  I will do new pictures soon of
how the car looks now all clean shiny and pretty and let you all see the
hard work over the last year!

Lisa Ann
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