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Re: Some rear brake questions (MGB)

To: MG Nuts <>
Subject: Re: Some rear brake questions (MGB)
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 15:42:37 -0700
Word on the street is smarc said:
> Anyway, once you've adjusted the (newly replaced) rear brakes, how much drag
> is normal? I adjusted them till spinning the rear wheel met with some
> resistance, then backed them off a notch (click?) or so. Seems like this
> leaves too much free play in the brake pedal.

Did you bleed the brake lines?  If they were dragging, maybe they got
so hot they boiled the brake fluid.

I seem to recall my new brake shoes wore down pretty quickly at first so
I'd set it loose and then re-adjust after a week and see how it goes.


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