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Re: Competition brake pad choice

To: MG Nuts <>
Subject: Re: Competition brake pad choice
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 11:36:59 -0700
Grassroots Motorsports magazine, which I love, really likes EBC pads for
light track use.  However another list I'm on, E30 bimmers, think they
wear out too fast and prefer Carbotech or Jurid.


Word on the street is Eric said:
> I use my car for both lots of street driving and circuit work.  The
> racing side of things has dominated my development of the car a little
> :-) so when I buy new bits and pieces or replace worn-out stuff is has
> to be able to take the rigours of being thrashed around a race track.
> Over the past few years I have used Bendix Metal King brake pads and
> found they can take a decent number of laps around a hard-braking
> circuit with little significant brake fade.  After an initial warming
> period they are also great on the road - not too harsh and long lasting
> to boot.
> (the standard pads for the car would disappear completely after four
> laps around this hard-braking 2.6km track and were just OK on the street)
> My favourite workshop has just started stocking EBC brake pads - and I
> am looking at trialing their EBC "Green Stuff" pads (they also have
> "Yellow Stuff", "Red Stuff" and "Blue Stuff") 
> see
> Has anyone here used these pads and/or compared them to MetalKing pads
> and have any thoughts or advice?
> As I said - they have to be suitable for both street and track work.

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