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Re: Dash removal in '66 B.

To: MG Nuts <>
Subject: Re: Dash removal in '66 B.
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 11:41:44 -0700
Yup its pretty straight-forward.  I'd recommend having an assortment of
socket extensions and maybe a socket U-joint on hand.  And something to
rest your head on, since you're going to be spending some time on your
back in the footwell!  A portable, aimable light also helps.

FYI I took my dash off with all the gauges and switches still on it.  I
did have to remove the radio of course.

66 B

Word on the street is Dan DiBiase said:
> Phillip, I recently took out the dash of my '65 B. Not sure there are
> really any tricks... I took off the outer bolts first, leaving the ones
> above the instrument pod for last. I guess I would loosen the outers but
> leave them in, then remove the ones above the speedo and tach (the
> left-hand one is a REAL pain, as clearance between the bolt head and the
> top of the dash is minimal... You'll 'feel' what I mean!) - this way, the
> dash will be supported while you're geting the middle bolts off. I also
> dropped the steering wheel down and pushed it aside a bit to get between
> the tunnel and the wheel (since I'm right handed) for extra leverage. Good
> luck! 
> --- Phillip Erikson <> wrote:
> > Good Saturday to you all. I need your expertise in removing my '66 B's
> > (metal)
> > dash. 
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