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RE: more power

Subject: RE: more power
From: Chuck Renner <>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 16:48:02 -0500
> #1 Im not looking for more proformance from a damn shifter 
> Want a better feel 
> of the shifter.

Well, as has been mentioned, the 'shifter' is all part of the transmission.
There's nothing you can bolt on like many other cars.  As for the feel, I
always thought the B tranny had very good feel.  What do you dislike about
the feel of the stock shifter?

> #3 Im not like other kids I dont like japanese pos cars.
> #4 More power for my British car mean less trouble defending 
> its honer.
> #5 Would love to get a supercharger but some of us dont have 
> money coming out 
> of our smart asses.

Well, most of the kids running Hondas don't have much money either.  That's
why they rice them out with coffee can tailpipes and clear taillights and
silly graphics...they can't afford anything to actually make them go faster.

As for the car's honor, what's to defend?  Everyone in my high school
recognized my MG for what it was.  The girls all wanted to go for rides in
it.  The guys I hung out with either thought it was cool or didn't care
about cars.  Hell, one friend of mine drove one of three family owned cars
to school every day:  a '50 something Beetle, a late 70's Spitfire, or a
Dodge Coronet with a 440.  

If you're worried about who you can beat at stoplights, why didn't you just
get a Camaro?

> #6 Dont care for any more shifter remarks if you got them ill 
> buy them.
> #7 More information about british proformance to me the 
> better im the next 
> generation. All of you will be dead in the next 10 to 20 
> years then where I be

10 to 20 years and we'll all be dead?  Just how old do you think everyone

> #8 All thought a miata has more power and handles better it 
> is on the top of 
> my list for the " MOST UGLYEST CAR EVER MADE BY MAN"

You would have been a little young to read the articles when the Miata was
introduced which did a great job of showing how the styling of the car is
nearly identical to the Lotus Elan.

> #9 For all that are filling my mind with information thank you
> #10 For all of you filling my mind with rude and uncalled for 
> comments 

Well, when you barge into a group and ask poorly written questions,
responses tend to be a bit hostile.  Consider that the mailing
lists have been around since you were riding a Big Wheel, and you'll realize
that a certain amount of etiquette is required, as with any list that's
going to survive. 

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