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clutch slave cylinder

Subject: clutch slave cylinder
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 11:48:48 EDT
Hello listers------------was under my '71B project cleaning the contacts on 
the starter---hoping to find out why the starter will not spin and I noticed 
the or a DPO installed a new slave cylinder and did not (as usual I 
understand) remove the bleed screw and replace it to the side but put the 
hydrolic line in the bleed hole etc----------my question to correct this, how 
much fluid will I lose-----will it be only a few drops-----or will I lose 
most of the fluid?-------------not a big deal either way just thinking do I 
need a rag to catch the spill or a pan?------my clutch has always engaged 
near the foor------I hope this will help the clutch action---------thanks 
again  Apple

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