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Re: What is this thing? (On ebay...)

Subject: Re: What is this thing? (On ebay...)
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2002 11:29:30 -0400
Yeah, but now we all have to wear seat belts. :)  Imagine if a B didn't 
have bucket seats, but instead the "couch" type (can't think of the name 
right now).  That'd be fun on the curves!

At 10:48 AM 9/1/02, Denise Thorpe wrote:
>I'd always heard it called a 'necker knob' because the guy driving used it
>to steer without ever needing to remove his right arm from around his girl
>so he could 'neck' with her whenever possible.  This fit in with the
>cigarette pack rolled up in the T-shirt sleeve and the 'lead sled'.  I only
>know this stuff from old movies...

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