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Re: What is this thing? (On ebay...)

Subject: Re: What is this thing? (On ebay...)
From: Kevin Smith <>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 02:01:03 -0500
Before Arkansas went techno with its drivers licenses with bar codes, anti 
fake id stuff, optional thumb prints, etc., they used to list the various 
restrictions on the back.  One of the restrictions was having a knob on the 
steering wheel.  I assume that if a person had one arm, they would get the 
restriction of actually needing a knob.  Like someone mentioned, this was 
likely really only handy before decent rack and pinion and power steering 
came along.

Recently, at a car show, i saw one on a 50's model Chevy (I can't tell the 
difference) that had a nudie picture instead of a logo.  Now THAT is the 
epitome of what I like to call "fuzzy dice logic".

Kevin Smith
'68 MGB Roadster (under restoration)
'72 MGB Roadster (rust growth experiment)

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